Sunday, June 15, 2014

Holly and I hiked Mount Washington yesterday. It was about 1540 miles, steep, rocky and socked in so we didn't even have a view at the top. We did have Rainier cherries and chocolate chip cookies however so it was worth it. Just so you know, hiking great distances over rugged terrain and killing your thighs is so you can eat whatever the fuck you want afterwards. Holly had pizza. I ate a bowl of broccoli and a slice of homemade bread. Hey, it's what was in the house.

Holly told me we couldn't dance this morning because we're supposed to rest our muscles. Last night I thought that was hooey but this morning when I staggered out of bed and limped to the bathroom, her advice made perfect sense. And then she texted me to say she WAS going dancing. Sheesh.

Of course I went too. Then I went to the hot tub place and soaked my poor body.

Tomorrow {{{{{{{{}}}}}} is the day the bank gives me massive amounts of $$$ so I can give it back to them. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Buying and selling, the world of high finance. That's me.

My CPA won't 'manage' my retirement account because it's too small. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

My mortgage lender sent me a bamboo pizza plate and a pizza cutter. Um, because I'm a college student who eats pizza??? I don't even know who to give to to.

I finally met the rooster who lives across the street. He's very pretty with black tail feathers. He's a little guy too but don't even look funny at his hens.

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Ms. Moon said...

Well, they don't call y'all Granny women for nothing. You never get to retire.
I want to see pictures of your new nest, even now before it is "redone."
And the rooster, too, if possible. If you start feeding those birds, they'll come visit you all the time. If that's what you'd like, of course.
(Grapes. They love grapes.)