Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cannot STAND artificial scents.and got a whole box of them in the mail. Cleaning supplies for the new house, complete with cheery coupons for products I would never use, ever.

Sun dried sheets and stiff towels on my shelves. Sun warmth is free.

The final rose bush is starting to bloom. None of the roses smell like, well, roses. Hybrids don't carry their scent with them, apparently.

Final week of dual home ownership. Not that I'm counting the days, hours, minutes, etc.

The doc said I have plantar fasciitis and she kindly gave me stretches to do. I am beginning to feel like my hypochondria is getting serious. While I was there I mentioned the insomnia and baby aspirin for stroke prevention, which she said I wasn't at risk for. And she showed me the ratios and percentages with my cholesterol levels which, again, puts me in a low risk category.

Regardless, I was feeling a mite nutty and pathetic when I was there.

Felix has absolutely no concerns beyond worrying about walking by the Hugo, the big cat, who will promptly bop him on the nose. He was so excited to get in the door at daycare this morning, he pushed open the door and caught his foot with yelps of surprise. Foolish hound.

Off to be pulverized by Noel, the aerobics person down the hill at the Community Center. I know, I'm supposed to rest my foot. Well, ok, tomorrow I will.


Ms. Moon said...

I've had to go find my old knee brace because my bad knee has blown out again. Or at least, that's what I have diagnosed it as. "Blown out knee."
Will I go to a doctor? Oh, fuck no.
I never have before, right? And it's always gotten better before, right?
At least you're trying to take care of yourself.
I'm about one tick above zero on the give-a-damn-meter about any of it.

Sabine said...

Oh yuk, I had that plantar thing twice, one foot first and when all was well again, the other foot. Now all is well once again.
I did the stretching and the massage and the homeopathic whatnots but what really worked was getting insoles made from an orthopedic shoemaker, where they measure and print your soles etc. You can get them fitted permanently in a favourite pair of shoes and/or change them from shoe to shoe. They are slim little thingys made from leather and some sort of foam. With them I had no pain and could even climb mountains. The trick is to use them all the time indoors and outdoors and not only once in a while. It took about 9 months in each case before it was all gone.
This is one thing that will get better, promise!
But I am not so sure about the hybrid roses. No scent? Can I send you a little bag of mixed seed for some lovely meadow flowers that will grow anywhere with glorious colours and scents and attracting butterflies and bees?

Elizabeth said...

Ugh. Plantar fascitiis is so debilitating. I had it right when I turned forty and was almost felled by depression -- meaning hypochondria galore! I stopped wearing flats and it eventually went away. I hope yours does as well!

37paddington said...

Hope your foot feels better. I have that, too. Massages help.

beth coyote said...

Dear M-oh the knees, ha! I have had surgery on both of mine and they are 'vulnerable' whatever that means.

Sabine-I'd love a packet of seeds! 9024 39th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118


37 Paddington-Yup I had those too. Time to go get another pair.

Jo said...

Oo, my husband's suffering from this at the moment - in my internet research I've found that as well as stretching, bathing it in epsom salts will help a lot (mag sulph, I think it is) and this sounds crazy, but douct taping the arch of your foot over socks can make it possible to walk on it without pain or damage. I found this article and my husband tried it and was amazed to find how well it worked. http://voices.yahoo.com/duct-tape-cured-plantar-fasciitis-130955.html

Sabine said...

Seeds are in the post but the nice lady at our post office warned me that US customs may take them out or ask you to get an import permit (which is a hassle but free of charge). Keeping fingers crossed.