Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hugo has murdered again, a sparrow chick and what's left of a mouse. No, not a rat baby, a mouse. I refuse to have rats in this here neighborhood.

Then he proceeded to barf up bits and pieces of rodent/bird.


Felix is having a sleep over at Randy's because I worked too many hours today.

Betsy and I spent time in Ace Hardware. Gas grills, crowbars, extension cords and a veggie grater. It didn't feel like a real hardware store. It was too clean and organized. And there were art supplies. I don't think hardware stores are supposed to have art supplies. Cans of paint, yes. ladders and chainsaws, sure. but glitter and a wood burning kit and wee paint pots with wee brushes, nope.

I didn't feel like I could drywall my bathroom when I left. Confidence, that's what was missing. Jude and I did dismantle the giant killer mirror however. We cantilevered the pieces out over the outlets without breaking too much glass or fatally cutting ourselves. Behind the mirror was a truly hideous wall but you already knew there would be. No dead body or treasure, alas.

Next, out comes the countertop with the red ring of tile around the perimeter. I know, you think I should keep it. I can't, it's too dreadful. After that, the floor.

Unless I'm whisked outa here during the rapture. Although we couldn't figure out if we didn't have a sun roof, how we'd rapture out of the car. Leave all the windows down? Betsy says she's staying here. Along with all the people at Third Place Books. I'd rather stay here too with all my friends.

Hugo is definitely not floating off. He's taken too many lives, the bastard.


Sabine said...

You certainly know how to fill your days with excitement. I am exhausted from reading about it. Red tile around a countertop - out with it, I say. I imagine dust and gritty floors and dirty fingernails but all part of the fun, no? Enjoy!
Here, hard ware stores have smoothie bars, kid's play rooms and offer free instruction nights for women only on stuff like dry walling and installing hard wood floor boards.

Jo said...

That rapture picture makes me feel strangely emotional. You can see the draw, can't you? Ah well.

Cats... this is why I don't have one. Though I have a cat killer dog, who managed to get his jaws around one the other week. Luckily, I was there, she was feisty, it ended ok, with no blood spilt. Fucking dog. I'd rather a dead rat than a maimed cat, it's true.

Good luck with the renovations. Here's to hidden treasure and no injury :)

Ms. Moon said...

The Rapture picture makes me want to throw up. That's creepy times ten billion.
Our Ace hardware stores are wonderful too! Some of them have the most excellent nursery departments and they sell chickens and even have a lovely gift section.
Maurice just keeps killing lizards.
My friend Kathleen's dog killed all of her baby chickens.
Why do we have pets?