Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tonight I'm trying a new dharma group. It's a people of color and allies group. I've heard about it for years but you need to be invited. Which I have. Over these last 20-odd years of sitting practice (and now dancing practice),Ii've studied with Zen, Tibetan and Vipassana teachers. I've met remarkable people. And I've been through many sitting groups. Still looking for my 'home' group. So maybe this one will be the one. We'll see. It always helps to sit with others, inspiring and encouraging. Mostly we help each other to be good people. to remember certain values of generosity and kindness and patience. And that we meet boddhisatvas in our daily lives. I know several boddhisatva trees.

I signed my closing documents on my old house yesterday. An alarming amount of $$ will be dropped into my bank account on Monday. Then it will magically disappear again ((poof)).

I discovered that a birth worker friend is living somewhere in my new neighborhood as an urban farmer. She has chickens and raised beds and a green house. I wrote to her to see if I can be a 'farmworker' person and help her with her projects. I'm so frustrated right now, having no garden to tend beyond watering the roses and pruning them. O, and mowing the grass.

I'm having a piece of homemade bread for breakfast. Bread is sooo easy to make and so delicious.  I think I'll have another piece.


Ms. Moon said...

Do you realize how idyllic your life sounds sometimes? And then I stop and think- oh wait. So does mine and I bust a gut laughing.
But seriously, I wish good things for this new group. And one of these days, you'll have your own garden to tend.
By the way- my daughter Jessie, who is going to be moving home to Tallahassee sometime in the next year, has already made a connection with Lily's midwife to see if she can be a birth assistant to her. And the midwife said she'd love that.

beth coyote said...

O wonderful to be an attendant for someone you love....maybe Jessie will become a doula/midwife{{{{{ shiver}}}}}.

X Beth

beth coyote said...

O wait Lily isn't pregnant! It's a short step from assistant to midwife, however. If Jessie ever wants to 'talk' to me about midwifery, I'd be honored...