Tuesday, March 19, 2013


When there are nicely dressed people on your porch with briefcases, hide. The dog can go crazy barking. The Buddha statue by the door should be a clue but no. And when they leave a flier with the title, "One Man Died For All", be skeptical.

Especially if he looks like this:

I just don't think Jesus looked like Matthew McConaughey. With a beard and a blow dry.

I'm probably going straight to hell.


Ms. Moon said...

Hell is on earth and you know it. And I think Buddha statues are just a delightful challenge to the white-Jesus peddlers.

Mel said...

My front door has those little windows on both sides. I've been trapped hiding behind the door, unable to move without being busted more than once. I get the witnesses here every year or two, and it never ceases to amaze me, that they keep trying. I'm beginning to understand that it's just what they do, like a job, hoping for that one lonely soul every now and then to save. Not mine, not now, not ever. We look at the pamphlets they leave behind in utter amazement, like sociologists. They need better pr and marketing guys or something, that's what I think.

Sabine said...

If hell it is for us, we'll all meet up and with our combined experiences will make it into something, well gorgeous. I used to worry about those bible peddlers and would offer cups of tea, but no, heathen tea apparently will not do. Now I tell them that I know that I am going straight to hell and thank you.

Pamela said...

I don't think Jesus looked like Brawny Paper Towel Dude, either.


I will try to post my experience with the JW on my blog if I can find it on Facebook. It's one of the best things to happen to me in years.

Ellena said...

Don't know whom I thought they were when I opened my door and tried to convince them that my beliefs were the truth and not theirs. I was young.

Jo said...

You're not, that's a German Protestant Jesus :) I've seen him looking much blonder, with blue eyes too. In reality, he was a hell of a lot browner.Possibly even with kinky hair :)