Monday, March 04, 2013

It was a beautiful brilliant lovely sunny day with Mt Rainier shining like a star in heaven o my sweet mountain. The Natives called it Tahoma, which means white top. I like Tahoma better. It is sacred, a sacred place. I've hiked around most of it and hiked up it. Not climbed to the summit, no interest. But many many hikes, close encounters with critters, once a mountain goat and a gray mountain fox in the snow. And the snow and the rain. 1000 year old trees.

I would marry Tahoma like the girl who married the bear. Then I would never be cold and I'd reflect the sunrise and the sunset a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.

An early azalea is blooming. Spring o spring and sunlight. Sun makes everything better here in the gloomy northwest land.


Sabine said...

After about 7000 grey days, the sun has come out here, too. Glorious.

Ms. Moon said...

Ten minutes ago here it was the most glorious day ever and then I blinked and now it's all gray. What? and How?
You have to have rain like that to create 1000 year old trees. You live in a misty, magical place. I couldn't do it though. I don't think I could.
You could marry that mountain in a secret ceremony. You could pledge your troth with true devotion. Tahoma might not seem to take note, but one never knows. She might be secretly so very pleased.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-gratitude feel like this.

Mary-and you can be my flower girl.