Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Horrid and boring

I'm doing my effing taxes. Ug. I remember the days when my taxes required a single page, imagine. When you run a business, it becomes tragically complicated. My tax guy sends me a frightening large packet that I'm supposed to review and fill out. I usually do about half of it and then I give up. Then there is the towering pile of receipts and interest payments and bla bla bla.

My tax guy usually files an extension so the agony is prolonged.

In other news, I have the next four days off to dance. All day. With my friends. I can hope that I don't sprain anything important.


Sabine said...

You just reminded me of that box full of stuff that once in 2012 looked like promising tax deductable receipts but who am I kidding. I foolishly thought that things would get easier once I opted to do the tax return online. Don't even think of it. It stops you sleeping at night.
My father used to say at every newly built motorway bridge or any newly installed traffic light: I paid for that.

Ms. Moon said...

I see that you are creating balance in your life. Taxes vs. Dancing. I think that in dancing you should do as in taxes- take it slowly.
Good morning, dear Coyote. You should be getting a package soon.

Mel said...

Dancing beats taxes by a long shot. We own businesses too, and the blind trust I put in the accountant scares me, but I lack the patience or the intelligence to wade through the pounds of paper.
You reminded me that I have lots of crap to gather for the accountant too, thanks. I get so lost in my blog rolls that I forget about life stuff I'm supposed to be doing.
Enjoy your dancing days.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-I pay soooo many taxes. Unlike the rich, I pay an whopping 30%. So I pay for lots of stuff, and I don't even want to think about it.

Ms Mary-Ha! I mailed that puppy off and I couldn't find my property tax paperwork. Shite. So Tim will call me about eleventy times to ask questions like-where are the property tax documents, what was my business mileage last year, do I have any equipment that has depreciated, etc. He LIKES what he does.

Mel-Hey, I have blind trust in my bookkeeper, my insurance biller AND my CPA. I probably shouldn't but life is too short, right? And besides, bilking a midwife, really bad karma.