Monday, March 18, 2013

My friend called me today to tell me she's gone home from the hospital and she's on meds and all is well.

I walked thought Colman Park on my way home from the dog place. A forest in the city and a community garden and a HOUSE in the middle of it. I want to live there, in the middle of the park by the lake next to the community garden in the city. Like a secret with trees all around no people but a few joggers and cyclists.

I'd never leave the house. I'd grow into the floor and straight down into the ground. I'd spring out with branches and leaves. I'd make some fruit-maybe a cross between a mango and a passionfruit.


Ms. Moon said...

First off- that picture of the two girls underwater makes me so happy. It is perfect in all ways.
Perhaps that is what I'VE done. Grown down through the boards and up through the roof of my house and that's why it's so hard to leave.
Maybe you've explained it to me.

Mel said...

Like Ms. Moon, that picture made me very happy, I got lost in it for a few minutes. I'm carrying it with me in my memory.

Second, I think I would like to live in that house too. And be a tree. Definitely a fruit or nut bearing tree. Fig trees have the nicest bark, maybe a fig. Or a magnolia. Now see what you've done? I guess thanks are in order.
Glad your friend is ok. heart issues scare me daily, for about a decade now. I'm serious. Wish there was a drug to stop the thinking. That picture in the water and dreaming what tree I'll be - they'll have to do for now.
So thanks.

Mel said...
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beth coyote said...

We're rooted in place. That's why walking has become difficult.

And Mel-you're welcome. Maybe we can marry ourselves to the heartwood of a tree and let go of some heart anxiety. Or not. XX