Friday, March 01, 2013

I'm stalling. I've read my blog roll. I've deleted about eleventy hundred emails. I've made tea twice. 

I am transcribing an interview for my book and (sigh) I don't wanna.

But I've fed the animals, the chickens are put to bed, I swam today and went to the dentist, I've had dinner, I'm bone tired from the last birth but I've run out of excuses.

So I'll put on some Patti Smith (just saw her perform-ohohoh my lawd in heaven), plug in my earphones and type.

Then I'll be pulled into a sweet alternate world with my dear friend and fellow midwife Audrey. 

It's not all bad.


Young at Heart said...

everything gets better with going to see her again in June.....she sort of non-stop touring now which is a joy for us in London!!

Ms. Moon said...

She may be our woman Keith Richards in that as she ages, her beauty shines forth like a gem brightened through time.

beth coyote said...

YaH-oh enjoy her. She's a show stopper at 66!

Mary dear-my thoughts exactly. And her voice is better than ever. I XOXOXOXOXOXOX her. For real.