Thursday, March 28, 2013

Deb said she can't sit on the couch, it's too soft and hurts her back so we went to the store where they had chairs and sofas and rockers and (yech) recliners and ottomans and she found a faux leather chair that supported her back and it's dark brown and the cat hairs won't stick to it but they might try to sharpen their claws on it and it's sitting in the living room right now. I'm trying to get used to it but it's so there or here and so dark and solid unlike the other furniture which is more floaty and has more space.

Besides that, the teeny dog across the street is 'barking' actually a kind of shrieking noise that Felix hates. He barks like a big dog. He is a big dog with big dog behavior.

I just threw a pillow on the new chair. I think I improved it.

Sometimes I have a hell of a time getting over myself.

Easter is right around the corner. I can tell because of the Cadbury eggs in the stores. Cadbury eggs are gross.

However, See's Easter egg is almost a pound of filling and chocolate. And 1200 calories. Lets hear it for tooth decay and type II diabetes! And Jesus rose from the dead. Awesome.

What do chocolate eggs and Jesus have in common? No idea.


Ms. Moon said...

Mr. Moon (from his ugly brown recliner) just asked me if I was going to be sorry to miss Owen hunting Easter eggs. I laughed. I told him that Owen and I have been hunting eggs since he was born and I am not even going to TRY and pretend that I am sorry I'm going to miss the damn Easter Bunny. Owen knows where eggs come from and he has seen the poop and the eggs in the same nest.
Hold on. Does this have anything to do with what you wrote? God. I hope so.
I love and adore you, Beth Coyote. I do.

beth coyote said...

Me too you, whatever I said and whatever you said back. It don't matter cuz you're welcome anytime to come into my house and help yourself to anything you want. Anytime. Including chocolate Easter eggs.


Young at Heart said...

I will be celebrating chocolate......hopefully....and Jesus is welcome to join in....Happy Easter!!

Jo said...

Hey! Easter/Oestrus/new birth, new life and regeneration - bunnies and chickens and eggs and happy pagan Spring things. Easter walked over the old matriarchal religions and gave the regeneration to Jesus, and that's fine, but I'd rather a chocolate egg than a cross :)