Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Insurance companies, pigeons and sink holes, oh my

Can I just say. Insurance companies are scum. I know this isn't news but for gawd's sake. They screw the patients and they make it effing hard for providers too. Nobody wins except their CEOs. I hate them. We have yet another company providing coverage for our low-income patients. Washington State pays for women who choose to deliver with midwives in birth centers and at home, imagine, but their applications are draconian and horrible. All in the name of public safety. Yeah, right. All in the name of their bottom line.

It makes me want to chew nails and spit them out again.

Today after hiking with the Felix, I was poking along Rainier South, a 4 lane, when I saw a pigeon wandering among the cars, which were moving. We stopped and waited while he/she made her way, obviously unable to fly with a droopy wing.

So I pulled over, grabbed a towel and went after her. She crossed the side road, went under a few cars, past the 7-11, into the bushes behind the store where there were a bunch of homeless guys with dogs and backpacks. One guy told me that was 'his' buddy, that pigeon, he has been taking care of her because she can't fly. I thanked him and went back to my car.

I'd already made a home for her, splinted her wing, kept her away from the katz and the dog and nursed her back to health. I think she's in good hands with the guys under the bush. So many lives we don't know about, men and birds.

Then there's the guy who got swallowed up by a sinkhole. In his bedroom. All his bedroom furniture went with him. Where the hell is he now? Geez, Florida. You have some interesting ways to take people into another dimension. Out here, we have earthquakes and a lot of rain. Damn, a sink hole. Wasn't on my radar. Ever.

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Ms. Moon said...

I love the pigeon story.
And Florida? Oh honey. You have no idea. I can't believe more people aren't taken down by sinkholes. And gators. And snakes. And hurricanes. And tornadoes. And lightening strikes. Lots of those. And drug dealers. And...well, we don't have to worry about earthquakes. Usually. No hot lava here, either. I guess that's good.