Monday, March 25, 2013

Last night Felix wouldn't settle. He kept biting his tail, he couldn't sit down, he was panting. And I was ready for bed. I let him out. I followed him from room to room. Finally I woke Deb, called the emergency vet place and explained his behavior and off we all went. I had my pyjama tops on under my coat.

So we waited for an eternity for the nice young girl vet to come see Felix, who had by that time, calmed down considerably. The vet speculated that he had a spider bite on his tail and some benadryl would fix it. Of course, it was then after midnight and only 3 pharmacies were still open, all of them in East Jesus.  After paying the bill with a rubber check, we decided that he was fine and we needed to go to bed for a few hours before work today.

Lordy. Why do I think the animals in my care are going to die whenever they get squirrely? Lucy the chicken wouldn't come down off her perch one morning so I was sure she was a goner. That afternoon, she was fine, clucking around the coop and behaving like a normal chicken.

It's the first night of Passover. I haven't been to a seder in years. Someone needs to invite me. I can even sing the prayers. I'm a woman of many talents.


Ms. Moon said...

Animals in our care DO die because they are living creatures with limited lifespans.
Except in my case, of course and my dogs will outlive me.
You, unlike me, are a good doggie-mother. A caring one.
Can't help you out on the seder thing. Sorry, hon.

beth coyote said...

Your dogs will outlive you. They are planning your memorial as we speak.