Friday, June 01, 2012

Today the air is soft. And moist. I let the buk-buks out and I can hear them. They scratch and scratch and make little worried noises. And Hugo the cat lies in the dirt by their fence and stretches out so he'll get dirt all over his fur. I think he thinks he'd be able to conquer a buk-buk if he could only get in there but he'd be WRONG.

Silly cat.


Ms. Moon said...

My cat and her feral boyfriend, the hugely testicled Ballsy, completely ignore the chickens, even when the chickens eat all of their food.
They are wise to do this. Elvis could kill their asses with those spurs of his. If he wanted to.

Radish King said...

Yesterday was such a weird weather day. I was by turns super warm then shivering. That photo is heartbreaking.

Ellena said...

Glad you identified Hugo. For a second I thought.......forget it.

beth coyote said...

All hail the buk-buks, Ms Moon.

Dear R-and it brought out a few babies.

Ellena-Felix si the dog around here and he'd just try to play with them. In his puppy mind, they're weird-looking dogs.

beth coyote said...
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