Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, I broke a crown, not a tooth, not a real tooth anyway. So that'll be a coupla thousand to fix.

I went on a hike today. Me and Felix.

These are my woods. I love them. In the rain. Felix crosses streams like a big boy now. We didn't see another soul. But there were thrushes. And finches. I don't care to climb to the top. There are so many trails that wind around and around. Fields of ferns.


Ellena said...

I would not mind being Felix.

Porcelain crown! Did you really have to choose Royal Doulton quality?
Actually, just counted mine. 12 cost me $13,000. 20 years ago. Looks like 84% cost increase.

Ms. Moon said...

Ferns are my favorite!
A crown, eh? Well, I love my gold crown. I feel like I have mouth jewelry. But hell yeah, too expensive. Consider going to Mexico to have the work done? So much cheaper and just as good.
Ah, life. And teeth. We outlive our teeth now. The ferns will outlive us all.

Mel said...

Every time I try to comment on one of your posts, my mind gets lost on the trails and woods and that sweet dog's face, so earnest like mine, that I just keep wandering off. Not this time. Thanks for sharing the scenery and the walks.

And so sorry about the dental woes. My teeth have not been a friend to me over the years, but at least I still can chew, right?

Marylinn Kelly said...

In any group, Felix would be the smartest guy in the room. Just look at that face. We may outlive many parts of ourselves. Wonder if we could just put what still functions on a rolling trolley and think ourselves from place to place. With feet that can still dance, you are ahead of the game. xo