Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today I plucked from the towering pile a bunch of poems for tomorrow night. I'll shuffle and reshuffle and decide which order (important you know) and then march back and forth reading and slurring and mispronouncing and so forth. I once had the word chimera in a poem and I mispronounced it in my writer's group. I was so embarrassed. My vocabulary is much bigger than my daily speech and when do you get to use/hear a lovely word like chimera? Or beatitudes?

Me and Felix off to a hike of some sort. It's sunny and warm. We both agree. Outside in the forest is the    finest place to be, almost always.

By the way. I write good. I really do.


Ellena said...

All my life I have been wanting to say what you say in your last sentence or is it last paragraph.
This, or play Tchaikovsky like Rubinstein.

Radish King said...

You DO write good.


Ms. Moon said...

Well I do not doubt you. And for many of us, who read more than we speak, there are words we know like lovers but we may not know the correct way they are pronounced. It is the reader's curse.

beth coyote said...

Ellena-Say it and believe it.


Ms Moon-ah, the reader's curse, that's what I've got. Wish you were coming tomorrow.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Another invisible fan in the audience tonight. Cheering you from afar. xo