Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear my darlings. Yesterday we had a right fine baby all fat with a full head of hair in the daytime which is a blessing you can bet because no sleep lost for the midwives.

In two days (three days), I read with Rebecca in public. Some old, some new. When I read in public, I rehearse first. I pace the house with a watch and time myself. I read several times so I won't stumble over the big words. I once read with others who had been nominated for a city-wide poet laureate thang. It was thrilling. I admired some of the other poets and felt proud. Proud, I was.

I'm going to read a poem about bad babies, a sex poem cleverly disguised and maybe a suicide poem or three. O yes. A fine medley indeed.


Ms. Moon said...

How I wish I could be there! Oh my.
I read at a gathering to raise money for a local politician (old hippie, of course) once and the other reader was a published author and she assured me that what she was reading was short, short, like five minutes, she had timed it!
So I cut out half of what I was going to read and it was like five minutes and then THAT BITCH read an entire chapter from her upcoming book and it was like twenty minutes. I have hated her everafter.
I'm glad that baby came in the daytime. What a fine thing to do!

Ellena said...

Our local pub "Le Mouton Noir" has public readings from time to time. I love to attend. Bon courage!

Radish King said...

Beth, I'M SO EXCITED! Plus we're going to be outside and it's only us so we can do what we want BWAHAHAHAHA. Page is coming and probably my brother and most likely Bruce from werk. They will look like an audience. I have not practiced yet but I think I'm taking today of from werk to do so and some other things that need doing.

love you,

Radish King said...

ps. Rehearsing is the sign of a pro.

beth coyote said...

Ms Moon-Yep, totally WRONG of her. Who can you trust?


Dear R-Sheesh. I have tomorrow to figure out what the hell I'm reading and, more important, what I'm going to wear. Maybe red shoes.