Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today father's day I went to a meditation retreat with my dear teacher Nelly. And my father arrived several times. At first, there was a baby in a drain pipe so I pulled her out. She was ok, just a wee bit scratched. Next, my father showed up, much older that he was when he died, crinkly skin around his eyes exuding kindness. He told me money didn't matter but I should fill up a car (this car, all white and shiny) with babies, lots of babies. Not all my babies but random babies. He was so friendly and seemed to know what he was talking about.

Finally, he settled deep in my bones. And I knew he loved me as best as he could. And today, it was enough.


Ms. Moon said...

Fathers. Their influence is eternally there. Good and bad. It's strong, man. Good and bad. Always. For good and for bad.

Ellena said...

Depending on what our beliefs are, we choose our father because we know what we have to learn. I learned that I need to express my feelings more to family members.