Friday, June 15, 2012

What a morning it is. I called my usual hiking bud but she can't come out to play. Felix and I must go to the mountains. I owe the tax man a billion dollars but I'm ignoring the bill. I know I can't do this forever but sheesh.

Yesterday on our walk, the crows were dive-bombing us, swooping down very close to our heads. I looked over at the yard and there was their latest child. On the grass. I think he/she could fly but was just getting the hang of it. Even crow parents protect their offspring.

Our neighbors harbored starlings and wrens in the eaves of their house this year. We can see the comings and going from the kitchen window. First the nest building. Then worm transport and the sound of much peeping. Finally, the parent bird and a fledgling on a branch, taking flying lessons. A dangerous time for the youngsters. I know they're going to plug up the holes but it's a spring ritual, seeing who comes back and starts the process again.

Last night at dance, I swooned and fell in love with the whole world. Diastole and systole. Today there is the quiet and the birds. Time for the true forest.


Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful prose poem.

Radish King said...

The forest is exquisite your photos of it perfect and I envy you your time there lovely world in every thump and shiver.

beth coyote said...

Ms M-X

RK-gratitude, when I'm there.

Mel said...

Glad you fell in love with the world. I like that. Hope you share some pics of the true forest.

Ellena said...

Lovely nature spots - easy to forget the tax man.