Saturday, June 09, 2012

Today I'm going to Bainbridge Island, to the Point No Point lighthouse to perform a wedding, a very last minute wedding. My buddy on Bainbridge called me on Wednesday to ask if I could do it and in the middle of my clinic day I said, sure, why not. Sheesh. Maybe it'll be nice today. I can bring the dog who's driving me crazy at the moment so I better take him for his walk.

Deb brought him a ball that crackles when he bites it. It sounds like he's chewing leetle bones very loudly.   But then there is a segmented snake that has a different squeak in every segment. He plays that like a glockenspiel.


The buk-buks are eating an ear of corn. They LOVE corn. And melon. And sunflower seeds.

I can't believe I wear a bra that I could use as a hat. Or a raincoat. When did my breasts get so big? I think when I was sleeping, gremlins broke in and plumped them up into the 36 DD they are now.

I'm still in denial about them. I mean, will they just get bigger and bigger until they are the size of Buicks? And then what?


Radish King said...

Oh my Beth you made me laugh so hard. I adore you. I want one of those segmented snakes. I want to learn how to play one.

Ellena said...

And then....if they become to big, you may consider moving to Titland.
You are so droll.

Ms. Moon said...

Ah. You take care of the entire world which is why your bosoms are growing. They represent the nurturing and tending your life represents.

beth coyote said...

R-you'd be good, Mozart on segmented snake.

Ellena-Titland, I think a bunch of us live there already.

Ms. Moon-XXXX

nnygrl said...

Oh, my sister. Laugh and laugh. Ain't it ironic, you get them NOW? xx Annie

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