Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back from the woods with a bang. Work descended upon me. Alas. When your job is birthin' babies, sometimes the thought of hiding out, changing your identity is very tempting.


I had a fine dream on Sunday night. I walked into a bar and the jazz singer was Rebecca. She was wearing a curvy black dress, very low cut and high heels. Her hair was piled up in swoopy curls. She was singing, "It Had To Be You" in a breathy way. All the people were swooning. (interruption to pee) I woke up.

Dream resumption: R and I were going to buy toilet paper. I'd forgotten my wallet and we had 98 cents between us. We arrived at the store and I had to climb a steep embankment to get there. I struggled upward but arrived at the door. I explained to the clerk I had barely any money but she said I was in luck because 98 cents could buy 12 rolls. So back I went to find the car. The parking lot was vast and dark. Before I set out, R had given me a red knife and a black (plastic) gun. Two men started following me and I unfortunately stabbed one of them. Oh dear. And on a Buddhist retreat too. But. He didn't die. And I didn't have to use the gun. Lucky for me because it was a toy. R was nowhere to be seen.

Otherwise, not a dream in sight.

Time to walk the dog who lies in complete boredom at my feet.

Deb built a contraption so the chickens can roam a bit. It makes them so happy in their birdbrained way.

My accountant got a delay on my taxes. Then he tried to explain to me why I couldn't put $ in my Roth IRA ( a piddling sum) and I didn't understand him AT ALL. He needs an interpreter, or I do. I mean, what is an AGI?

I just go to work and hope at the end of each month there is enough to pay everyone and the effing IRS. I am not a business person. Not.

My mother always told me I'm 'too' sensitive. What the hell does that mean?


Ajax said...

Glad you made it back. What is that picture?! My mom used to tell me that too. I was 'the sensitive twin'. I sort of resented it, but what'll you do?

Ms. Moon said...

I think "sensitive" means we think a lot and we have compassion and empathy.
I'm glad you're back. I'm glad you had that dream. I'm glad you are the woman you are.

Radish King said...

Holy crap that's the best dream EVER.

My boss told me I was "too sensitive" when she gave me my three cent raise.

I'm glad you're back. The house gets mighty quiet when you're gone.


Sabine said...

Dreaming about knives...well, it was only the one, so all is well.

My mother's vocabulary did not cover sensitive, instead I was too emphatic, and on really bad days, too impulsive.

Ellena said...

I don't know if I dream in colour. Good for you. Maybe it only happens when others prepare our meals while we sit back and meditate.
Mother's vocabulary never made me feel good - most of the time there was none.

beth coyote said...

Ajax-you're a twin? Oh, the picture is lightening on the mountain. Crackly!!!


RK-Right? And man, you rocked that dress. You were a knock-out, like my dad used to say.

Sabine-empathic and impulsive, fine qualities both.

Ellena-I LOVE having someone else cook. I've probably cooked about a 124,536,758 meals over-all.

beth coyote said...
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Marylinn Kelly said...

Whoever cast the dream was doing a swell job. I think I got "fragile" and possibly "high strung." Labels suck. xo

Ellena said...

Who was with you during that thunderstorm? I see sparks flying.