Sunday, January 01, 2012

New year, new year. Spent the day in my pajamas, still with a dang cold. But, it's so warm and sunny, I must go for a walk along the lake and greet the pintails and coots and mallards and geese. Winter sun on the bare branches.

Last night's dream: with Raven, my friend from the res. We're at his house, miraculously polished up in a ragged neighborhood. Clean walls, new paint, a brand new dining room his mother doesn't want us to go into. Then bullets coming through the door, the walls. We're crawling on the floor to the basement where, lawd above, there is a tunnel under the yard that leads away from the fracas into the woods. We're saved and I'm feeling so grateful we weren't killed or injured. We're free. We're on the edge of the forest looking back at the house where a great garden is growing, very tall plants and abundance. No more gunfire.

Probably fireworks from downtown.

The first seed catalogue came yesterday. We crave the solar powered dryer and the dehydrator. And the pages of beets. Purple-red beauties. it's not time to start anything but I'm tempted.

Bless all in this new year, for health and family and love, right or wrong.


Rubye Jack said...

Part of me wishes I would get into dehydrating and canning, but I doubt I would stick with it. However, I admire people who do.

I hope your cold gets better quickly, and that this year is wonderful for you.

Radish King said...

I am going to plant the world's largest garden starting SOON. I so missed it last year.