Friday, December 30, 2011

They're gone, my children and my grandson, back to California. I wander around finding shoes, boots, books left behind. And the kitchen floor is an amazement of sticky, twiggy, bits and pieces of meals and detritus from the yard. So. On my knees to the cleaning god with my rag of fury.

Maya and I went to uh, a dance thing called Ecstatic Dance, which happens, apparently, every week. People come together to dance for an hour and a half to world music, blues music, etc. And it is a community. She's been dancing in San Rafael so she found a group here and she convinced me to go.

I sat on the side as people trickled in. Low lights. A large shiny new dance floor. Women in floaty skirts. Men in loose pants. Stretching and chatting. Then the music started, slow at first. The old hippe in me compelled me to get up and start to sway. Midway through, the music was jumping and so was I, sweat splatting to the floor. Then the music slowed down again until we were finished. Maya hopped around, bobbing and jumping.

I have no idea what happened. I might go back. I love to dance and I never do anymore. Except in my living room.

Cleaning the house after the family leaves. And a solitary walk.


Wendy Birdseye Pavlus said...

Sounds Wonderful, Beth. The dancing, Maya, Milo, Eden and the sticky things. All part of the experience of family. Holli her husband and 2 kids leave tomorrow to head back to North Carolina. These visits are too few and far between....but joyous when they occur. The moping and the memories....

Rubye Jack said...

Sounds a bit like spinning.
I lived in San Rafael at one time also. Novato, just before I came out here to Indian country.

Radish King said...

My brother goes to ecstatic dance almost every night it has made him lithe and skinny <3

Happy 12 isn't it a perfect number, Beth? Yes because it's a 3.