Friday, January 20, 2012

Today I slid down the hill to clinic in time to rush to the hospital because one of our mommas was having her babe too early and way too fast. Missed the birth but babe and mom are fine. The streets are giant puddles of slush and ice. Cars still can't make it up hills, even wee hills.

There is nothing for it. We're gonna watch Blade Runner:Director's Cut. A pure Ridley Scott beautiful nightmare. And drink hot chocolate.


Young at Heart said...

sounds chilly..........isn't it weird when you watch old movies about the future and no one forsaw the smoking ban and the mobile phone!!

Ms. Moon said...

Why is it that babies who come early and fast generally do so just fine? As if they were too fierce and determined to be born to need much help.

beth coyote said...

YAH-Right?? But flying cars! And robots that act and look just like people! And lots of smog!!!

Dear Ms. Moon-they're tough little buggers, alright. However, their parents are sometimes in a state of shock. 'Who put this baby in my arms? "

XX Beth

Marylinn Kelly said...

Ridley Scott's director's cuts always give me cause for creative hope...that somehow the original vision WILL find its way to the audience which, unlike the studio, will know how to respond. xo