Sunday, January 08, 2012

Inspired by Ms Moons' post, I'm gonna tell on my dad. RIP, poppa.

Way back when in the dark ages when I was young, the house my parents lived in had a broken spigot outside by the garage. So dear old dad decided to fix it one day. He turned off the water at the main which, I believe, was in the house. (By the way, my mother was gone to the store). He goes at the spigot with a soldering gun and, um, sets the shingles on fire. In his haste to turn the water back on, he ran up the front stairs and grasping the railing too firmly, broke it off. He turned the water back on and put out the fire.

Whereupon, my mother returned to find a) a broken porch railing b) scorched shingles on the house and c) a still busted spigot.

That's my father. He believed he could fix anything. And he tried. It just didn't always work out.

I bet an argument ensued.


Ms. Moon said...

When I was quite young, I fell in love with a violinist who could pick the ticks off a dog.
What does this have to do with anything?
Your poor mama.
I am blessed to have a man who knows how to use all that stuff properly. And a neighbor who is a first-responder, as I said.

Wendy Birdseye Pavlus said...

My Dave can also fix ANYTHING - except my I-Touch that I dropped in the lake and to be fair he really tried. Can't put a price on a guy like that....and I am an EMT...gotta step it up when you have 6 kids and a handy husband(who however admits, he does not understand electricity - hence my being an EMT). My best friend husband cannot literally change a lightbulb....but he is a college professor.....

beth coyote said...

How DO you pick the ticks off a dog, anyway?

EMTs, first responders, all handy just in case things don't go as planned.

beth coyote said...
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