Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The katz are out of control. Deb came upstairs this morning before she went to work to show me the peanut butter cookies I had made the previous night. Someone had eaten a bite out of several cookies. BITES NOT MADE BY HUMANS. ((((cue Count Dracula music))))). Tonight when I came home, Hugo and Lolla set up a horrid yowl about how hungry they are and no one ever feeds them ever and they are starving etc. As I sat on the couch drinking tea and eating a cookie, they sat side by side at my feet and stared at me with their big round cat eyes. When I offered Hugo a bit, he ATE IT. He eats peanut butter cookies. Lola toys with her bit and leaves it on the floor.

Why do they do this? I have katz that beg. They beg at the dinner table. They carry on like they haven't eaten in weeks and weeks. Although nightly, they are fed expensive cat food.

But peanut butter cookies? Really?


Sabine said...

One of my cats was like that, and it got worse as she got older. She dipped her paws in cups of tea and licked the crumbs from under the toaster etc. and she was fed really well. Turned out she had a thyroid problem, something to do with age. We got tablets from the vet but she just went on grazing the kitchen forever like a magpie searching for glitter.

Ms. Moon said...

I used to have a cat who ripped open the bread bag and ate the bread inside. I have a dog who begs for apple cores and green bean ends.
I had a dog who ate half a German Chocolate cake. No, chocolate does NOT kill dogs.

Radish King said...

Paris the Genius Cat invariably licks the butter if it isn't covered. You can easily spot the little tongue marks. And the black hair.

Apple said...

Oh, you think that's weird?

My cat only plays with lettuce. :(

Young at Heart said...

I had a cat who used to play 'fetch' with screwed up paper!!

beth coyote said...

Sabine-'magpie searching for glitter' hahahahahaha

Dear Mary-I once bought a fancy cake for a friend that was decorated with a naked lady. She covered the cake with tin foil, put in in the box and left it on her counter. George, the beagle, got up there and ate cake, foil and box. He then proceded to 'give back' all over her apartment. Nice.

Dear R-yes, little lick marks with their scratchy tongues.

April honey-nice to see you!!! maybe your cat could branch out. Kale? Chard?

YAH-cats playing fetch. Pandering? or a hybrid Dat or Cog perhaps.