Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We drove to Langley, BC in a downpour. We visited the lady who has our doggie. He's still a baby so we're gonna bring him home after Hawaii. He's cream colored and fluffy. He bounces, like Tigger. When we came back in the door tonight, the katz looked at us with distain because we smelled like DOG. In truth, we'd had a litter and their parents all over us for about three hours. So. Well. Yes. We smelled like dogs. The nice lady gave us a dog toy the katz can sniff. They were (properly) insulted.

Then we fed them and they were mollified, at least for now. They don't understand what is about to happen to their pampered world. The'll have to get along.

Now I'll have a boy I can go on walks with, o joy o rapture.


Ms. Moon said...

I want to be happy for you, Beth. I really do.
Just...well, stock up on paper towels. And Fabuloso.

Sabine said...

There will be hisses and growling and scratching and bundles of animal hair around the place (there may even be some blood).
But then again, maybe they'll just go into hiding for a while. Or stay meek and stare - good luck.