Saturday, January 07, 2012

I just bought a plane ticket to Kauai. Shite. It might rain the whole week. No matter. Whales come through in the winter, And the water is warm. I know right where my goggles and fins are. Besides. There's a swimming pool next to the house they rented.

Even so.

It feels so, It makes me feel scared because it's a lot of money and I ponder travel for a while before I do it. Travel. The plane. The terminal. The baggage that could get lost. The plane. The person next to me on the plane. It makes me anxious. Very anxious.


The few days before, I'll be in Atlanta performing a wedding for two girls. I get back on the 12th. I leave again on the 13th.


And that's all.


Ms. Moon said...

I have performed a wedding for two girls. Okay, two of them. Weddings. Four girls. Different times.
Yeah, honey. Just go. It'll all be fine. I speak from experience. It'll be SO fine.
What more do you need to think about?

Rubye Jack said...

The only thing that makes me anxious about travel is the security. So, I simply no longer fly.
Have fun with those whales!

beth coyote said...

Thanks Mz Mary and RJ. Whales I can do. Sunsets over the Pacific. Valentine's Day with my honey in HAWAII!!! hadn't thought of that one! I might even break my diet/fast and have some chocolate.


Young at Heart said...

the thing to remember is the adventure always starts when things go wrong......have fun!!

Radish King said...


I love them. And whales. Lucky you lucky you to swim in a warm ocean.


Wendy Birdseye Pavlus said...
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beth coyote said...

Thanks YAH-yeah, holy ow.

Dear R- warm ocean is delicious, yes it is.

beth coyote said...

Holy cow, not holy ow!