Saturday, June 20, 2009

Very tired right now, too many babies being born and today is our Open House, a stupid idea if there ever was one. And I thought of it. Because I was waiting for this gal to call me back to her house, I ran through Costco throwing strawberries and giant hunks of cheese into my cart. Terribly unsatisfying. How could I go to Costco and not linger in the book section? What about the 100 pen collections and vats of peanut butter? And she is still in labor so my partner is there now so I can be in clinic to greet families.

I have a confession. On my best days, I can remember names, oh, 25% of the time. When I am tired, this number is in the single digits, like 2. So clients are coming and I a.) won't remember them at all b.) won't remember if they had a boy or girl c.) will call them an incorrect name and embarrass myself. A friend suggested that I say, "I'm terrible with names, remind me who you are." I might be too proud to do this. Kinda like my deaf mother who pretended she knew what people were saying, nodding and smiling, while she had NO IDEA what was being talked about. Maybe I'll nod and smile like a perfect idiot.


Valerie Loveland said...

My memory is really good (names included). It is always weird when I remember something and the other person remembers the event as being completely different. The person seems so convinced, I almost defer to their terrible memory.

beth coyote said...

I can't imagine having this skill. I would be shocked at myself.