Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Came home last night late. I was sitting in my living room contemplating my analog TV and the stupid converter box that converts nothing and I don't watch TV anyway, just movies and a horrible racket started up outside, dogs barking, yipping like they are hurt, people yelling, etc. I go to my porch and there is a lady lying, kneeling on my lawn with her dog on a leash, the (new) across the street neighbors with the rattle trap little RV in their driveway and my other neighbors (the Loud family) hollering, jumping up and down, making a right scene. Other neighbors are coming out to the street. The story: woman walking her dog, nice, law-abiding leashed dog. Out of nowhere comes 'Isis' (a questionably named dog if there ever was one), a white Alaskan, attacks 'Petie', knocks over his owner who starts yelling, 'Call off your dog, call off your dog!!" So neighbor lady ( Isis owner) calls Petie's mom some bad words and says she's disabled and so forth, then Mr Loud get in and they're head-to-head, with Loud family pulling on him to back off, my lawn lady now getting up, poop bag and doggie treats in hand, whew, I'll tell you. Drama in the hood, yeah.

The cops arrive, 4 of 'em. They have big flashlights just like on CSI shows. They're sorting out what happened and give me and Petie's mom an incident number. Then they notice the huge-ass RV across the street with the generator running. 2 cops go and knock on the RV door (with the flashlight) and tell the occupants to move to the park or by morning, the RV will be towed, whoa.

An hour later, all is quiet and the huge RV is GONE.

Some people have stopped mowing their lawns. Some people are living in RVs. Some people have dogs with serious anger management problems. Is it the end times?

All on my street these days.


Brenda said...

Geez! Sounds like things were crazy while we were gone! Thanks for holding down the fort. You rock.

beth coyote said...

Glad you're back.

Valerie Loveland said...

I don't know why people are so defensive about their dogs when they know their dogs are being baddies.

I thought that RV was going to be your permanent neighbor.

beth coyote said...

VL-Right? And now it's gone, there's a big space at the curb.