Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Los Angeles-I went clubbing last night with my kid. I haven't been dancing for, oh, five years. It was very late, the music was boom-de-boom, extremely loud and the people were gorgeous. Girls in lame bathing suits and thigh high stockings and high heels. Boys with beautiful eyes and slinky legs. Tranny hookers by the door. Sigh.. I even smoked a cigarette and drank a glass of champaigne. This is not Seattle, that's for sure.

We also saw the latest Terminator movie. At the fanciest Hollywood cinema. $12 tickets. Amazing sound and a curved screen. The movie was stupid, no humor like the others (but a mirage of Arnold, naked except for his, um, private area, that was all smokey). It was mostly blowing up giant metal bugs and buildings and fires everywhere. *snore*

Going for a run now. After my debauchery.

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