Monday, June 08, 2009

My midwife buddy just brought me the pager and a large piece of vegan chocolate cake. She told me not to eat the whole thing so...I did. I feel a little sick now. I was so hungry today. After my soup for lunch (gypsy soup ala Moosewood, with cinnamon) all I had to eat was lettuce. Lettuce. Nope, not a meal in any universe. 

When you plant a garden, everything gets ripe, all at once. So I have 6 heads of romaine and 4 heads of red leaf lettuce and 10 spinach plants. I can't keep up. I did pick all the snow peas and ate them, standing in the garden next to the Chinese poppies. 

The Styrax Japonica are all blooming. They are my favorite tree. I planted 3 of them. They have heart-shaped leaves and little bell flowers that hang down. They smell so sweet too. 

I might go into a sugar-chocolate coma now. Never tell me not to do something. I will go right ahead and do it, I swear I will. And chocolate cake, vegan too, I can't help it. I'm weak.

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