Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm stalling. I have to paint the trim in my former office and continue to carry many loads of stuff to my new office, which is currently not organized. It makes me feel slightly sick to look in that room with book piles everywhere waiting to fall over and other piles of papers and random paper clips, picture frames, newspapers etcetc. I could just close the door. Even tho the walls are such a chipper blue now instead of depressing green-ish.  

 At least the city brought us a new recycling bin. It's blue. It looks out of place next to the scuffed up garbage cans. It's all full of itself. It thinks it's special. Just wait, buster. A few rainstorms, some nice dirty wind and the recycling truck guys throwing you around. You won't feel so sassy then. 

My Romaine lettuce has formed heads. When I find snails on my garden, I throw them into the street. I'm probably coming back as a snail.  


Radish King said...

Heehee, I fling the snails into my neighbor's yard with my cane. Hey, we live in Seattle. If we allow the snails to flourish we will have not lettuce, cabbage, strawberries or anything else.

Rebecca, sees life as snail in future

beth coyote said...

I love the sound of their shells cracking as they hit the pavement.

Radish King said...

Mine are babies and shell-less. In fact, they might be miniature slugs.

Valerie Loveland said...

I never think of my hands as weak until I have to paint a room.

beth coyote said...

Valerie-I get a weird crick in my neck when rollering and I have to lie down and eat chocolate.