Saturday, August 10, 2013

Today. A whopper boy, 10# 14oz and a mother who just wouldn't quit. During the night, lightening and thunder and rain on the skylights. We opened the windows and doors for the mom while she worked so hard. In the woods. Bear sightings,  a mom and a cub in the yard.

Sometimes women in labor break my heart in the most beautiful way. When this boy came out, we all burst into tears. He was so fat and so lusty.


Birdie said...

Holy cow! And to think women are being made to think we can't do something as natural as childbirth!

Have you seen any of the documentaries on Netflix on childbirth in North America?

Ms. Moon said...

When Lily was born (shoulder dystocia AND nuchal hand, 10 lb, 2 oz), the midwife said, "Mary, that is a huge baby!" And she was and she is a goddess now and I look at her and I am beyond amazed that I birthed her and knowing that I did is something that no one on this earth can ever take away from me.

beth coyote said...

Birdie-o yes, lots of them. I've been around the birth world fir 40 years!

Mary-yes you did. We grow these humans inside us and then they come out and have this life with us. It is a miracle for true.

Radish King said...

What a brilliant storm and what good work you do my darling Poet.