Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I managed to trip over a large rock while still in the water AND I skinned my palms and knees. In the water. It was brilliant. I had an audience too. Even better. Middle-aged woman in baggy bathing suit falls on her face while attempting to walk to the shore after long swim.

Humility does not come easily to me.

Painters will be swarming all over my house in September. O joy. I got a 12 month same-as-cash loan which, if I don't pay off in 12 months revert to a 48 month loan with 16% interest (ouch) so you bet I'm getting that puppy paid off in record time. Then next year, they'll be back. They paint 1/2 this year and the other 1/2 next year.

See, I 'own' this house. Well the bank owns it, I pay a huge mortgage to live here and I gotta sell it. It's too big, too expensive and cripes, the maintenance. I'm trying to save for retirement (hahahahahahaha) and I surely can't with the expense of living here. And if I hope to sell it for big bucks, it has to look spiffy. I'm afraid I'll have to put in stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, gawd. And stain the deck and so forth.

What I want: a small midwifery practice with friends who aren't dickheads. A funky house in the woods near a body of water I can paddle a kayak in and/or swim in. A large garage for a studio for Deb and a cabin for my friend Lynn to live in and a space for a midwifery clinic. Deer. Deer-proof fencing around the garden. Chickens. Before I'm too infirm and need to be tied to a bed so I don't wander around in the street with my underwear on my head.

In the meantime, it's about 956 degrees out there and again, I must get to the water. We have a backlog of babies and they are all waiting for rain, so cooler air, something, so they can venture out.

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Ms. Moon said...

I am cooking okra and tomatoes and it is raining and your dreams sound as perfect as that.
May they all come as true and real as the iron skillet I'm cooking my supper in.