Wednesday, August 21, 2013

By the way, Dexter has degenerated badly. It's turned into a soap opera, bad writing and dumb plot. we'll soldier on because it's the last episode but shite. It's tragic what's happened to our favorite psychopath. Damn.


Birdie said...

I watched Dexter for the longest time but the episode where the other nut job serial killer made the mom jump to her death was too much for me. It put my oversensitive nature into overdrive.

Still, I am curious how it turns out!

Ms. Moon said...

I haven't watched ONE episode of Dexter. Not one. But I remember when Northern Exposure got weird and fucked up and crazy and it was so sad.
But the last episode- oh, it got it right. I still cry when I think about it.

beth coyote said...

Birdie-I'm an avid fan but blech, this season is stupid.

Ms Moon-Ooh, girl, he's good, very entertaining. And his sister's mouth, just awful. I loved the last episode of 6 Feet Under... X B

Radish King said...

Oh I agree. I was so disappointed in Dexter and hadn't realized the series ended. It can all be ratcheted down to BAD WRITING or to the fact that Dexter was married to his sister in real life and the chemistry got fucked up when they divorced. I also wonder if they switched writers mid-stream. The same thing happened to Weeds. The only two BIG SHOWS that have kept their integrity writing-wise for me was The Sopranos and Six Feet Under. And so far Mad Men.

Mel said...

I'm with you. I let Dexter go last season. I think it peaked a couple of bad guys ago. Also, it was hard for me to separate how odd I felt about Deb and Dexter in real life's divorce, it just seemed like they were acting a lot harder after the breakup. Plus the plots just got stupid. Maybe Sherlock and Benedict have just ruined me for entertainment - acting and writing in general. I can't wait for it to return.

And that last episode of 6 feet under? I'm obsessed with it - who else keeps a permanent video link to it on their blog and quotes it in multiple posts? Pretty much my favorite series ever.

And I agree with RK, Weeds fell apart too. It's so hard to keep a good thing going.