Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer is well and truly over at least the summer we have had here with blazing Arizona desert lizards poisonous snakes cactus etc. instead of the Northwest rainy cold mossy dripping no end of green flowing in waves of waves Puget Sound canoes orcas migrating cedar boughs for rain hats coats salmon thick bears throwing fish onto the shore not this brown grass crackling hot cars hot sidewalks weeds high up in the lake ready to grab your arms and legs just swim out far enough so the water is deep enough still there could be bodies down there or prehistoric fish or traps for the unwary I could float over the whole mess at least a mile out and not be seduced by the Lake Washington sirens.


Birdie said...


That was awesome. I live in the Pacific Northwest and your words describe it perfectly.


Ms. Moon said...

That picture...whoa.
And then the picture you made with your words- even more so. It truly does seem as if we got your summer and you got ours. I am sorry for you and Madame King but happy for us as we are surrounded by green and this morning it is even cool.

Radish King said...

that painting is amazing.

how did I do at calling a storm? pretty damned good I think though it was a couple days late in arriving.

love to you.