Friday, August 30, 2013

I have cleaned out the chicken coop, vacuumed, washed all the dishes, hung out clothes on the line and paid bills. I am GOING HIKING NOW with Felix, the first time I've been able to since the baby avalanche of August. Our last baby is born and phew!!! And I'm taking the ladies, my staff and students to the Korean naked lady spa on Monday to celebrate our survival. Hot tubs, massages, scrubs, saunas and kim chee all round!

For my 65th birthday, I want to visit the British Isles with my daughters. I have made the intention here and so be it, ok? I want to walk the moors, visit Scotch distilleries, stare moodily into the sea, touch the white cliffs of Dover, etc. And cross the English channel into France and spend a few days in Paris. So daughters, if you're reading this, begin to save your $$$.  It'll be fun. An adventure. Before I shuffle off this mortal coil.


Ms. Moon said...

Rest now and gather your strength. You have a trip to England to make! I know you will. I know it.

Jo said...

Ireland's nice too!