Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My little pisces heart is breaking and all I want to do today is cry. Because Deb and I had 'words' and I know she loves me but we're (duh) so different  and I hardly ever feel safe in this world, hardly ever. Then the Boston Marathon bombing happens and I'm hypnotized by the photos and videos and blood on the streets. More madmen thinking making and detonating bombs in a crowed place it a good idea, a righteous idea.

And some of my pregnant moms are making me cry because they are having such a hard time with money and safety and their partners and their other kids and not enough food and a safe place to live and there's only so much we can do for them.

Safety. I don't think it really exists.


Ms. Moon said...

No. I don't think that safety really does exist but what does exist is a semblance of it. A feeling of it. Sometimes.
You will feel it again. I wish your heart wasn't so tender but if it wasn't, you would not be Beth Coyote and I would be so sorry for that.

Sabine said...

Oh Beth, there is no safety. It's chaos all the way and I am as lost as you or the next person. But chaos often is beautiful.
Be patient towards all that is unresolved in your heart (stole the last sentence from Rilke).

Marylinn Kelly said...

It feels that every moment is an act of faith - in safety, in surviving being unsafe, in somehow prevailing. The living in the questions. xo