Friday, April 26, 2013

Birth story, part II-

Our sweet homeless mom who delivered yesterday morning got some attention. The adoption agency got it together and notified the adoptive parents that they had a baby for them. The confluence: the adoptive parents are gay dads with an adopted 16 year old son, 15 year old twin girls and yesterday was their anniversary AND one of them dreamt about a baby boy the previous night. The birth mom's oldest child was born on the same date, ten years ago.

I got to the birth center in time to meet the dads and wach them put a baby-ful car seat in their car. They both looked like they were in shock. Extended family also showed up.

I hugged the birth mother and thanked her. We will care for her for the next six weeks.

What a day it was.

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Ms. Moon said...

And hot tears just sprang from my eyes. Oh, Beth.