Friday, April 05, 2013

I learned today that a friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Sabine said...

This is so hard to come to terms with. Of course there is surgery and what not and having friends helps and maybe also if I tell you that one of my best friends was diagnosed and is very well now after all that shit. Look after your friend, hospitals can be awfully dull and depressing places to spend time in.

Ms. Moon said...

May she find the best treatment and caring doctors and may she recover and be happy.

Mel said...

That sucks. Hoping for the best possible outcome from such a shitty diagnosis. They say it's one in four, and when I go out with my little group of girlfriends I wonder which one of us, I know that's not normal, but I'm hung up on the odds.
Hope your friend has a good support system.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-I will look after her. Hospitals are yucky.

Ms Moon-she's well connected and she has health care insurance!

Mel-It does. It sucks.