Friday, April 19, 2013

I can't help it. I'm watching the news obsessively. It's making my stomach hurt. The beautiful face of a 19 year old kid. Someone's son.

On another note. Felix found a crackly dog ball under the couch which he keeps pawing after so I'll go get it. As soon as I give it to him, he chews on it so it makes a horrible snapping cracking sound and then it's under the couch again. And I keep going to get it out. Why o why?

Felix has no idea about terrorists. He would never leave a backpack with a bomb in it in a crowd watching a marathon. It would never occur to him. Never.

I swear. I took him for a run. He swam and chased a ball and got completely muddy. His energy is boundless. As for me. I want to lie on the floor and listen to Beethoven. With hot chocolate.

Meanwhile. The grass is supernatural green from all the rain. The tulips are throbbing with color. The lilacs are about to break open.

Metta. Karuna. Muditta. Upekka.


Ms. Moon said...

Those boys- their faces were not the faces of killers. How? Why?
What happened to them to make them this way? Is that a stupid question to ask?

beth coyote said...

No, it isn't a stupid question. But it isn't one we can answer, is it?