Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The guy who's delivering our chicken coop says he won't be here for another three weeks!!! That's forever. He wanted to know if we had chickens. We should have lied and said, 'Gawd yes and they're all over the house. Git over here right now and build them a house!"

Instead we worked in the yard and took ibuprofen for our backs and knees. Deb's son came over and lifted a giant statue thingy like it was nuthin'. O the young and the strong.

Gotta take the dog out before evening falls.

Deb let me sleep in this morning and I was so grateful I cried. And cried.

Sometimes it doesn't take much.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh dear. Three weeks is a long time. I wish I could ship you a few of my chicks. I seem to have crossed a line here and have more than I really want and far more than I really need.

beth coyote said...

Chicken fecundity!!

beth coyote said...
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