Monday, May 07, 2012

I'm making stewed rhubarb. The rhubarb is next to the chicken coop WITH FOUR CHICKENS IN IT. There's a Rhode Island Red, a white one, a speckled one and a black one and they're so pretty. I'll find out what they're called later. I want to name one Betty.

The dog stands in front of the coop and barks. The katz are trying to get into the coop. They're plotting right now. Especially Hugo.

Just try it, big guy.


Ms. Moon said...

How big are the hens? If they're mature, they may well end up scaring the hell out of the dogs and cats. My cats are no threat at all to my chickens but my dogs don't have access to them.
I'm so excited for you to get chooks. You will love them. And Betty is the BEST hen name of all.

beth coyote said...

They're pullets? Um, they're not babies, cute as THEY are. And they're totally safe in their coop. But.

Felix goes over to them and STARES at them. They make that nervous noise and back off. He's no wolf or coyote but he'd love to 'play', I'm sure.