Friday, May 04, 2012

In the past 24 hours, Sean came over and righted/added four new feet to my claw foot bathtub. I must also mention Pete because it took both of them oofing and cursing to get the damn thing to level. But I just hosed off the muddy dog in it and it didn't a) fall on my foot or b) flood the first floor. And then this morning two nice young men put a chicken coop together in the side yard. All complete. I just opened the door and there are perches and two nesting boxes and rat proof wire all around.

Let the games begin! We need straw and feed and water and chickens! Oh, and a light to make it warmer out there. And grit for their craws. And maybe vitamins and lawd, I don't know what else.

Meanwhile, the dog really likes my underwear. Kinky, I know. And by the way. If you wash the white dog, it will rain. You can bet on it.

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