Monday, April 30, 2012

My apple tree. This means a lotta apples this summer.

I go on call tomorrow. Fun and games are over. Hiking, dog walking, pulling weeds. Being on call means I have to stay close to home. In case. I can't ride my bike too far away. I can't be in the swimming pool too long. I have to go to bed early. No second glass of wine.

I did weed. And I have to take off my gloves to weed properly. I can't feel with gloves on. My hands look like gardener's hands. Gnarly and dirty.


I went to Good Will today. The woman in front of me in line was wearing a large straw hat with many crow feathers stuck into the band. Many feathers, like 50. And she had other items on her hat, buttons, flowers (plastic), a small pink comb. She was also wearing a velvet dress and a long leather coat. She was impressive. I imagined her trip to Ellis Island, in the old days. She has lost her accent by now. Perhaps she sleeps under the bridge. Perhaps she sleeps in a mansion. Perhaps she wears her hat to bed so she can fly in her dreams.

I'm going to read with Rebecca in June. Holy shite. What will I read? What will I wear? I think we each read for 15 minutes. 15 minutes is an effing eternity. Although R said she might bark in one of her poems. Maybe I'll make balloon animals to take up some time. Rebecca is a genius. I'm humbled to read with her.


Maybe I'll wear my red shoes. For courage.


Jenny Woolf said...

Or wear purple. That's what youre supposed to do isn't it - although I'm darned if I can remember why!

My hands look terrible too, I'm trying to remember to slather them with handcream so I won't look like Mr. McGregor the Gardener for my daughter's wedding.

Ms. Moon said...

1. The gardening gloves that made me a glove wearer after a lifetime of not being one:
They rock and are wonderful.

2. I would die happy if I could see you and Rebecca read together. My god. What a thing to witness!
(I would be scared to death too. I would wear my menopause goddess tunic, I think. It is many patches of velvet and has beaded fringes. It's ridiculous. I love it.)

beth coyote said...

Hello Jenny! Purple, I'll consider. I think white gloves covered a multitude of sins.

Ms Moon-Amazon gloves-I'll check 'em out. I love your tunic. I'm thinking a bunch of balloon animals will do it.