Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday morning and the dog is wuffing because there are MEN in the yard with ladders and loud machinery to saw tree branches and crawl on the roof of the garage. The garage roof has evil moss that eats away at the shingles so they fall off and then the roof leaks and then more disaster ensues with flooding and floating and ruin.

I want a wee cabin in the woods where the wild hyssop grows and no one mows the weeds and the chickens mingle with the elves and I sit on the porch in my pajamas drinking tea and reading a fat novel. With a pond off in the distance where frogs live. And no sirens or people only wild creatures. And the vines curl into the kitchen and the floors are made of birch worn smooth and a big fireplace where a fire burns most of the time and we eat with our hands and we live until our beards touch the ground.

And there is no need for maintenance of any kind.

And I continue with my magical thinking unto the end.


Ms. Moon said...

That sounds about as good a dream as any I've ever heard.

Ellena said...

This is exactly what I wished for when I lived in big town. Then I went and acquired it but could not sit still and started renovating the dreamnest and manicuring the area close to it and as time passed and I found myself plugging more and more white hair from my chin, all work became toooo much
and now I'm back to smaller than what I had before my dream became true. But, it was heaven while it lasted.

Ellena said...

oh, it's PLUCKING PLUCKING PLUCKING PLUCKING + 46 more times to remember

Young at Heart said...

now I'm able to cope in the country I think that all sounds rather lovely!!

beth coyote said...

Mz Moon-Right?

Ellena-O gawd. I'd be that kind of person, out mowing the forest!

YaH-I'm heading that way, I am. The city is too damn big!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Sometimes magical thinking is all that stands between us and the abyss. CBS Sunday Morning had a segment on a quiet zone in West Virginia where, because of delicate radio astronomy satellite listening for the music of the spheres, no cell phones are allowed. At all. People seemed more content. Your idea sounds even better. xo