Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I have work this afternoon. (wha wha) And I burned the toast and set off the smoke detector. I cried in the garden for a while and then pulled weeds in a fury.

You'd think if I'm the boss, I can do what I want but actually I have to be sure the engines of commerce are running smoothly. Fie on all of it. The midwife who's clinic day it is is at a birth ergo-I get to work until 8PM, which is totally wrong AND I have a twelve hour day tomorrow.

I'm tired.

We saw The Avenger (Superhero) movie last night. A great deal of foolishness. I LOVE Mark Ruffalo, esp in the movie, You Can Count on Me. He's the HULK in this expensive 3D thang and it's silly. However Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man is so perfect and funny and true, you want him in every scene. Even if his movie g'friend is Gwyneth Paltrow, yuch.


I'm having insomnia these days. Very inconvenient. I can't fall asleep. I don't stay asleep. When I learn my plans for the day have been dashed, I dissolve into a blubbering pile.



Ms. Moon said...

I heard a man say once, "If you own your own business you are your own boss and your own slave."
I believe this to be true.
Isn't Robert Downy, Jr. just a doll? Don't you just want to put him in your pocket?

Radish King said...

O darling Coyote. You are getting closer and closer to my heart every day do you know? And I miss your face. I can't wait until June 29th. Page is getting us a mic and we're looking for a little amp. There's electricity at the Mural Anteater! (Page has called The Mural Amphitheatre that since he was little) when I used to go to all those free concerts and dance. *sigh*