Saturday, April 28, 2012

I didn't take pictures today but we went hiking again, Holly this time and Felix and me. We were trying to find the beginning of the Tiger Mountain trail and we failed miserably so we instead hiked Mount Taylor. Ha! You didn't even know about Mount Taylor. Apparently, it was stripped and now it is making it's way back with wee trees and in the swampy parts, the most lovely green nettles and moss and dark luscious mud.

And it's a horse trail. So we saw some beauties and Felix went crazy barking and growling because they were the biggest dogs he's ever seen. And they looked at him like horses do. ...dumb dog....what's his problem. Finally, some nice ladies told us to let him go and he raced past them, surely thinking they were going to eat him. I patted their necks and bowed to their magnificence.

Ah, horses.

We found a hill with two hitching posts on it and we had lunch. A raven and a snake visited. Seeing snakes is good luck. It was no bigger than a shoe lace and hoping for some sun.

Afterwards, we stopped at the XXX root beer place. They have an old bus parked beside their joint with Buddy Holly painted on the side. It looks like a '50s tour bus. And the menu says they serve nothing with any health in it. As in: bacon, cheese ham and burger sandwich, with fries and enormous floats. The meals were about 500,000 calories each. We shared a 'small' fries and Holly wanted a child-size cone that was about 3 feet tall with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. Next time, I'll take pictures.  Sheesh.

Deb brought Felix a rawhide chew thing and he is right behind me munching away. It STINKS. I better leave the room. Oh, he also had a few horse pie snacks today on the trail. Dogs are gross.


Ms. Moon said...

Dogs are gloriously and unconcernedly gross.
Sounds like a very nice day.

beth coyote said...

It was. And Felix is disgusting.