Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life is fine and dandy until the plant that was thrusting out a butt load of leaves is now covered with aphids, litte fuckers. I blasted them with the hose and knocked off all the leaves. The plant may never recover. I don't even know it's name. But the leaves were purple and so pretty and now they're on the ground and I hope large aphid-eating spiders come and find them and eat them entirely. Bastards.

Love, your vegetarian Buddhist

PS I'm now on the second season of The Killing (the Danish version) and it's sooooo good. Why do we (ie: Americans) remake perfectly good movies/shows/books? The original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was excellent. Did it need a remake? No, but there you have it. Subtitles? Wha wha wha. The American version of The Killing is good but too much drama. They gummed it up. We like to be clobbered, right?
And why am I watching a show called The Killing if I'm a Buddhist?



Sabine said...

My secret aphid killer: In a wide bowl, mix lots of non-perfumed soap or organic washing up liquid or soft carbolic soap with cold water until you have a thick lather of foam. Dip the affected blossoms or branches of leaves into this foam or gently layer the foam onto the affected plant parts, yes, with your very own hands.
The suckers will suffocate and the next rain will wash off the bubbles. This usually works for a couple of weeks, depending on the weather.
Or you get yourself a large colony of ladybirds, they love eating aphids, and I have seen them clearing a rose bush in a matter of hours.

beth coyote said...

Thank you! I sprayed the plant with soapy water but not enough soap, I think. I'm going out there now to try again.

Aphids be gone!!!

beth coyote said...
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