Monday, April 23, 2012

As the light fades from this beauty of a day, a robin is singing clearly in the blue spruce by the alley. At about midnight for the last three nights, I've heard a frog croaking across the street. One lone frog. He's calling for a girlfriend but he's pretty far away from other frogs. I've never heard a frog in my hood before.

Back home, there was a swamp at the bottom of the road just before we turned to our driveway. At this time of year, it was full of peepers, wee frogs that set up a chorus after dark. Hearing the frog last night made me think of them.

We're always on the edge of the wild wood. We just forget sometimes.


Ms. Moon said...

Borders between worlds can be magical places.

Young at Heart said...

I find frogs a bit scary....!!

Radish King said...

That photo takes my breath right away just plum knocks me down. I ache for a magnolia I just don't have room for one in my tiny yard. The border between worlds. The Ecotone. It's potent. We've seen cougar foxes and bears here.

beth coyote said...

Ms Moon-the ditch, the hedge, the darkness on the other side of the path.

YaH-always loved them. Always.

Dear R-they briefly flare out, and again later in the season a few more blossoms. Because they can.